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The manuals, software and instructions supplied by Hand Held Halo Datalogging are provided on an "as is" basis with the appropriate licenses where applicable.  We recognise all original copyright and by provision of goods and/or services we do not imply any association or affiliation with the original copyright owners unless specified. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the supplied software or manuals and we do not accept liability for any damage caused by the incorrect use or misuse of any hardware, software, manuals, instructions or links on this website.

Disclaimer with respect to the supply of CD Manuals.

Our function is strictly to provide backup copies of manuals, which you claim to currently own, to protect them from damage, accidental or otherwise. These duplications are allowed under the copyright law, and you are entitled to this service by law. We provide this as a service. This service will not be held accountable for the purchaser's use. If you sell your original manual, you must destroy the backup of that title. If you imply piracy, we cannot legally serve you, and we hold no liability for anything you, the purchaser will do with the backup. We understand that by buying these backups from us, you are implying you have the original copy of that manual, and we will supply it to you on that understanding only. If you imply to us that you do not own the original copy of the manual, then we cannot supply you with the disc, as you have no legal rights to own it. As a service provider, we cannot allow this, as it would mean we would be no longer able to provide you with this service. By complying with these regulations, it allows us, as the service provider to duplicate and you, as a consumer to receive the right of backup's to protect your original manual. Please note, we do not condone piracy, but we do recognize the ever-growing need for CD backup to protect valuable originals.

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